Friday, November 27, 2009

Book Quotes: God is Holy

From Diving into God's Words: A discovery of Psalm 119 by Alex McFarland (pages 10-11):

Q: Who is God?

A: God is holy.
Because GOD is self-existence and sovereign, His very character defines what is right and good or--to use a theological word--"holy." Something--or someone--is worthy of worship.

This kind of worship is the fall-on-your-face, don't-look-up-or-you-might-be-blinded-with-glory kind of worship (verse 120). It's when you realize you are in the presence of a supernatural, awesome, righteous, pure, unimaginable power.

....Because God is holy, we should approach Him with respect and reverence. When you ask the "why?" questions [of God], remember that the "Who" you are asking is infinitely worthy of all your devotion, honor, and praise.

From page 40:

When we take time to praise God with our lips, our minds, and our hearts, we reflect on His character and not on our own problems. If we learn to think this way, our minds will gradually transform and begin to reflect the character of God.

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