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Praying the Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler

book cover
Praying the Names of Jesus
by Ann Spangler

ISBN-13: 978-0310253457
Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: Zondervan
Released: September 19, 2006

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Book Description from Back Cover:
Praying the Names of Jesus will lead readers into a richer and more rewarding relationship with Christ. By understanding the biblical context in which these names and titles were revealed, readers will gain a more intimate knowledge of Jesus and of his plan for their lives. They will also begin to see how each of his names holds within it a promise: to be our Teacher, Healer, Friend, and Lord---to be God with Us no matter the circumstances. Prince of Peace, Lamb of God, Bread of Life, Yeshua... through his names and titles, we come to understand more fully how Jesus reveals God's heart to us.

Praying the Names of Jesus focuses on twenty-six of his most prominent names and titles to provide six-months worth of devotions. Each week provides a unique devotional program designed for personal prayer and study or for use in small groups.

My Review:
Praying the Names of Jesus is a daily devotional that lasts for 26 weeks (half a year). The study focused on 26 names and titles for Jesus, so the devotional focused on one name (or several similar names that were being counted as one name) each week.

Each week's study started with a page of information about the name/title and a key scripture where the name/title is used. We're not told which day to read this on, but you could read it on Sunday since there were no devotional entries for Saturday or Sunday. You could also read it with the two-page devotional for Monday, which contained several scripture verses that use the name/title and gave further information about the name/title. It also included a few questions for you to think over.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each have a few verses that use the name/title for you to read and reflect on along with suggestions for prayer based on those verses. The author also talked about how Jesus acted out this title in the Bible and how we can apply what we've learned to our lives.

Friday focused on the promises in the Bible connected with that week's name/title. Several verses were provided and more were suggested for you to look up on your own.

Each day's devotional only took a few minutes to go through. I was disappointed that there were no entries for Saturday and Sunday. Overall, I found this devotional interesting, and it left me feeling refreshed and encouraged.

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

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