Monday, October 8, 2012

Bible Overview Wall Chart

book cover
ISBN-13: 9781890947705
Wall Chart: 19.5" x 26"
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Released: 2004
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Source: Wall chart hanging up at my church.

Description from publisher:
The Bible Overview wall chart and pamphlet give a fantastic summary of every book of the Bible:

• Who wrote the book?
• When was it written?
• Where was it written?
• Message, main events, and theme
• Key verse

This is a great reference for ages 10 and up. Easy-to-understand text for young people and for people with no Bible background, yet clear and scholarly enough for college students and seminarians.

Wall chart size: 19.5" x 26" printed on heavy chart paper.

Reproducible worksheets and teaching tips on back of this chart. Wall chart is available unlaminated or laminated. Lamination will not affect the ability to photocopy worksheets.

My Review:
The Bible Overview Wall Chart is a quick and easy way to get an overview of all the books of the Bible. The wall chart is available unlaminated or laminated and is 19.5" x 26" in size. The type size is small enough that you have to stand near the chart to read it, but it is easy to read and understand.

The books of the Bible were divided into Old Testament and New Testament, then further divided by background color into their type (like Minor Prophets or Gospels). Each book of the Bible was listed in order (reading the chart from top to bottom). The following information was given for each book: the name of the book, who wrote it, what it was mainly about, where it was written, when it was written, why it was written, a short outline of the book, and a key verse from that book.

The chart information is short and to the point (so you won't learn if there is controversy about who wrote the book or whatever, you'll simply get a traditional/conservative answer). It's a great, low-cost way to learn the basic information about every book of the Bible and to visually see how the Bible was organized. I'd recommend it to leaders to hang in their churches, to those who want a quick "survey" of the Bible, and to those who want a quick, easy-to-use reference for this basic information.

If you've seen this wall chart, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the chart in the comments.

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