Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Quote: Transformation

From Transformation by Bob Roberts Jr., page 78:
What we began to do in our church in the early days was to push people to read through the Bible every year--primarily to educate them to God's Word. Remember, many of our people were new Christians. We didn't understand at the time the significance of what we were doing until we began to see the results....When they got up early in the morning with their Bible and journal, they were quiet enough to hear God impress his truth on them out of his Word.

Another thing we didn't understand at the time or realize we were doing is that we were also teaching our people listening skills. the early church hearing God and knowing his will was a basic life discipline, not a crisis situation. We learn to see him and recognize him in every event throughout the day when we start on our knees and his Word. But it's how we read it that makes all the difference.

We teach our people to begin their day with their Bible open and pen poised, quietly asking God to reveal himself and his will in every situation. Invariably, there is something they'll read out of the Old Testament history, wisdom literature, or the New Testament that gives them clear direction.

From page 87:
Jesus said imitate me. Paul said imitate me. John said imitate me. It's a way of life, not an instruction manual on part assembly. By being near Jesus, living in his presence in a daily manner, we come to know him.

From page 163:
We must love people and serve them regardless if they "say the prayer." If we genuinely love people as God's creation, then many of them will become believers. However, if our primary motivation of humanitarian aide is only to "convert" them and not to practice Christ's love in feeding the thousands and healing the sick (even knowing, as Jesus himself did, that some would not follow), then that negatively influences what we proclaim. What then is the motivation of our evangelism? What does that say about our sincere love of others?

I serve not as a "bait" but because it is the nature of Christ in me. Who would help a hurting person on the side of the road and then demand, "Accept Jesus because I helped you." ...[Instead] we communicate that we're here for the long haul and we care. That's how we earn credibility.

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