Friday, December 3, 2010

Book Quotes: Why Not Progressive Creation?

From The Answers Book 2.

What’s Wrong with Progressive Creation? by Ken Ham & Dr. Terry Mortenson

One result of compromising with our evolutionary culture is the view of creation called the “day-age” theory or “progressive creation.” This view, while not a new one, has received wide publicity in the past several years. Much of this publicity is due to the publications and lectures of astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross — probably the world’s leading progressive creationist. Dr. Ross’s views on how to interpret the Book of Genesis won early endorsements from many well-known Christian leaders, churches, seminaries, and Christian colleges. The teachings of Dr. Ross seemingly allowed Christians to use the term “creationist” but still gave them supposed academic respectability in the eyes of the world by rejecting six literal days of creation and maintaining billions of years. However, after his views became more fully understood, many who had previously embraced progressive creation realized how bankrupt those views are and removed their endorsement.

In this chapter, some of the teachings of progressive creation will be examined in light of Scripture and good science.

In Summary, Progressive Creation Teaches:

* The big-bang origin of the universe occurred about 13–15 billion years ago.

* The days of creation were overlapping periods of millions and billions of years.

* Over millions of years, God created new species as others kept going extinct.

* The record of nature is just as reliable as the Word of God.

* Death, bloodshed, and disease existed before Adam and Eve.

* Manlike creatures that looked and behaved much like us (and painted on cave walls) existed before Adam and Eve but did not have a spirit that was made in the image of God, and thus had no hope of salvation.

* The Genesis Flood was a local event.

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