Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Guarded by Christ by Heather Holleman

book cover
Guarded by Christ
by Heather Holleman

ISBN-13: 9780802414878
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Released: Oct. 4, 2016

Source: ebook review copy from the publisher through NetGalley.

Book Description, Modified from Back Cover:
Heather Holleman used to live a fragile life, a prisoner to fear, anxiety, and despair. Then one day, while reading a simple statement in Scripture, “God guards the lives of his faithful ones” (Psalm 97:10), that all began to change.

In Guarded by Christ: Knowing the God Who Rescues and Keeps Us, Heather guides women through a series of practical mental shifts that immensely helped her live strong in the Lord. Learn how in Jesus, you are guarded:
By Christ's righteousness instead of condemnation
By peace instead of anxiety
By hope instead of despair
By the Holy Spirit's power instead of self-effort
By a crucified life instead of a self-important one

My Review:
Guarded by Christ explores what it means to be guarded by God. After reading Psalm 97:10, the author explored Scripture to better understand from what God rescued us and guards us.

She started from a mindset of condemnation, anxiety, hopelessness, weakness, and self-absorption. She concluded that a guarded person would feel confidence, peace, hope, strength, and be savior-focused. She explained each new way of thinking (from anxiety to peace, etc.) and quoted appropriate Scripture verses for each.

She described how she developed memory devices to help her recall these truths daily. She chose to visualize a fortress (as this metaphor is mentioned frequently in the Psalms) and various parts of that fortress. This process has helped to transform her life. Overall, I'd recommend this book.

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

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