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The 30-Day Praise Challenge by Becky Harling

book cover
The 30-Day Praise Challenge
by Becky Harling

ISBN-13: 9781434705990
ebook: 192 pages
Publisher: David C Cook
Released: August 1st 2013

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Book Description, Modified from Amazon:
When Becky Harling was diagnosed with cancer over ten years ago, a friend challenged Becky to spend twenty minutes a day in praise. Becky thought, What if I’m not feeling thankful? But as she intentionally praised God, she began to experience new joy—and her relationship with God has never been the same.

Now, in The Thirty-Day Praise Challenge, Becky guides you in praising God for twenty minutes every day for one month. Arranged topically, the book includes music selections to enhance your praise journey and creative ideas for continuing the habit of praise.

My Review:
The 30-Day Praise Challenge is a 30 day devotional. It's the only devotional I've ever read that I plan to read through again. Not every day hit on what I was dealing with at that moment, but I was surprised by how often it did. I have some physical limitations right now due to injuries, so undone farm work is piling up, and I get frustrated in addition to the physical pain. This devotional will probably have the most impact on those actively dealing with a physical and/or emotional pain though I'd recommend it to anyone.

Almost all of the issues she covered were common to everyone at some time. Each devotional started with a verse and then a paragraph of God speaking to you about an issue with the words based closely on Scripture. The author then prompted the reader about what to focus on and suggested related praise songs for you to listen to. She ended with a prayer and some questions to prompt your journal writing. At the end of the book, she suggested further ways of praising God like using verses from Psalms or Revelations or using the names of God.

For the songs, you can use your favorite worship songs to make your own playlist. I used her suggested list for this first round. She used some of my favorites, and I was introduced to a few new songs that I'll add to my Spotify worship song list. I already had regular, daily praise times before I read this devotional, so I was already convinced it helps to change my attitude and outlook. Overall, I think this is an excellent devotional and I'd highly recommend it.

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

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