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Hebrews Through a Hebrew's Eyes by Stuart Sacks

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Hebrews Through a Hebrew's Eyes
by Dr. Stuart Sacks

ISBN-13: 9781880226612
Paperback: 119 pages
Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publishers
Released: June 1, 1995

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Book Description from Goodreads:
Written to Messianic Jews in the first century, the Book of Hebrews, understood properly through Jewish eyes, edifies and encourages all. This epistle is one of the outstanding theological treatises in the New Testament. This book teaches the message of this important letter in a fresh, new way. Dr. Stuart Sacks, himself a Messianic Jew, offers insights into Hebrews that only a Jewish believer in Yeshua can give.

My Review:
Hebrews Through a Hebrew's Eyes is a commentary loosely based around the book of Hebrews. The author doesn't comment on specific verses so much as talk about the basic ideas brought up in each chapter of Hebrews. He often started a chapter by telling about something from his Jewish education while growing up. He uses his Messianic Jewish viewpoint to help Christians (and interested Jews) to better understand Hebrews.

While interesting, much of it was information I've read in other "Jewish background to the New Testament" books. The author tended to move from one topic to another without warning, so I'd start to feel confused, realize we were on a new topic, and have to re-read the last few sentences to fully appreciate what he'd just said. It was worth reading, but I felt like I had to be fully mentally alert to read it due to how he slid from topic to topic.

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

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