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Veil of Tears movie (+free simulcast dates)

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Veil of Tears

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes
Kenny & Kyle Saylors

Release Date:
March 28, 2014

Source: Free Viewing for promotion purposes from Gospel for Asia.

Movie Description:
This gripping new documentary film tells the untold story of millions of women in India who are culturally persecuted for no other reason than the fact that they are women. From birth until death, their life is a vicious cycle of poverty and oppression, from the mass epidemic of female suicides, dowry deaths, forced abortion to the high rate of illiteracy among the women and even how more than 46 MILLION widows are being cast aside and ostracized by society simply because their husband died.

But there is hope. Christian women are sharing the Gospel across the entire nation of India, and it's bringing cultural change where government laws could not. Hear the stories of these oppressed women and get a glimpse of how the love of Jesus is restoring hope and dignity to a generation of broken women and rebuilding shattered lives.

Narrated by Natalie Grant, Directed & Produced by Kenny & Kyle Saylors (Kimjongilia, The Gamebreaker, My Finish Line), this film was shot on-location across the stunning nation of India, in some of the most remote tribal villages in the world today. This is more than just a film, it is a journey into a world where few outsiders have gone before.

My Review:
Veil of Tears is a documentary on the conditions that women in India still face, especially in more remote areas. But it's also about how the gospel message is transforming lives and communities to give hope, healing, and worth to these women.

The first half of the movie went all over India, from cities to remote villages, to expose how women in India still face persecution even though laws have been enacted to protect them. Women tell their story or the story of friends who have faced this cultural oppression.

The second half of the movie covers the hope that these women have found as Christian missionaries and pastors have impacted the culture through the teachings of the Bible and through showing Christ's love. It's encouraging to see how God is at work in India and that lives are being transformed. This isn't just a movie about social injustice. It's about how the message of Christ can transform a culture.

I'd encourage you to see for yourself how God is moving to transform a culture. Sign up for your free simulcast at Lifeway for anytime on March 26-30, 2014. You can show it to your women's group, missions group, church, or even just your family or yourself. This film will also be shown in some movie theaters and will later be available on DVD.

If you've seen this movie, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the movie in the comments.

Trailer: Watch the Movie Trailer.
Behind the Scenes: Watch a behind-the-scene video.

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