Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mama Heidi DVD

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Mama Heidi DVD

Released: 2004
Run Time: 52 minutes

Source: Rented through Netflix.

DVD Description:
In 1994 Mozambique, just after the country's devastating civil war, missionaries Heidi and Rolland Baker arrived to help mend the country and care for its beleaguered. This documentary details the Bakers' selfless African saga as they turn a broken-down orphanage into a safe, clean place where children receive medical attention and education. The Bakers go on to establish three more havens for Mozambique's children

My Review:
Mama Heidi DVD shows the work that God has done through Heidi and Rolland Baker in Mozambique. The viewer does learn why they went there, how they started their orphanage, and so on, but the focus was mainly on the wonderful things God has done there. If you like uplifting missionary movies, then you might enjoy this one.

Something that Heidi said really stuck with me. It was partly in context of the overwhelming needs in Mozambique but also to encourage viewers to reach out where they are right now. She said we can all "just love the one in front of you."

If you've watched this DVD, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the DVD in the comments.

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