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Dancing with the Devil by Jeff Harshbarger

book cover
Dancing with the Devil:
An honest look into the occult from former followers
by Jeff Harshbarger

ISBN-13: 9781616386955
Trade Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Charisma House
Released: September 4, 2012

Source: Review copy from the publisher.

Book Description from Back Cover:
Jeff Harshbarger and his friends know about occult practices. After two unsuccessful suicide attempts and an offer to become a human sacrifice, Jeff left his life of Satanism to pursue a life with God. Dancing With the Devil tells his story along with the stories of nine others who have walked similar paths, including:

  • Satanism
  • Witchcraft
  • Demon possession
  • Spiritualism
  • Psychic vampirism 

Each author’s account reveals the spiritual truths that enabled him or her to break free. Their stories weave a tapestry that shows the true face of the occult and the path we can take to break Satan’s hold on those caught in its crosshairs.

My Review:
Dancing with the Devil is a collection of testimonies from ten people who were once involved in occult practices (or, in one case, it was the son who was) and who are now Christians. They talked about why they were drawn to the occult, what it did to their lives and how they felt emotionally while involved in the occult, what finally freed them from what had become a life of torment, some information about what people believe in Wicca, witchcraft, Satanism, etc., and how Christians can effectively reach out to those involved in the occult.

I was interested in this book because a teen girl I care about has gotten engaged to a boy who says he's both a Christian and a Wiccan. This book did a good job at explaining the mindset of those who get involved with the occult--including those who think they can be both Christian and involved in the occult. Overall, I felt the people writing these testimonies had a solid understanding of what the Scriptures teach about demons and the occult, so I felt they were giving solid advice. I'd recommend this book to Christians interested in the occult (so you know why it's dangerous) and to those looking for advice on reaching out to those involved in the occult.

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

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