Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Review: How to Make Choices You Won't Regret

book cover

How to Make Choices You Won't Regret
by Kay Arthur, David & BJ Lawson

ISBN: 1-57856-803-X
Trade Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
First Released: 2003

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Book Description from Back Cover:
Every day we face innumerable decisions, some of which have the potential to change the course of our lives forever. Certain avenues open to us are marked with hidden pitfalls or lead in harmful directions. And in some instances the wrong choice can even bring death.

Where do you go for direction? What do you do when faced with temptation? How do you decide what choices to make? This study answers those questions by exploring the role of Scripture and the Holy Spirit in the process, as well as examining the decision-making of people such as David, Josiah, Eve, and Jesus. As you learn, you will be equipped to make choices that bring honor to God and peace to your heart.

How to Make Choices You Won't Regret is a no homework, 6-week-long Bible study. It's designed for small groups to do together once a week in a 40 minute period. The Bible study pretty much let Scripture speak for itself and explored the subject mainly by examining the lives of various people in the Bible (mainly David, Josiah, Eve, and Jesus).

The study had people read several verses (which were included in the book along with information about the context of the verses), mark/highlight certain words, then answer several questions about what was just read. Insight boxes were included with historical information that helped make a verse or point more understandable.

The questions were helpful in focusing attention on all the points that needed to be looked at. In case you missed a point, the "wrap up" section at the end of each week's lesson summarized what was learned that week.

I enjoyed this study and thought it was well-written and made good points. Overall, I'd recommend this Bible study to new Christian believers or those who feel like they're stuck in a cycle of making bad choices with bad consequences.

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

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