Friday, July 2, 2010

Book Quotes: Disagreeing with God?

From In God We Trust by Steve Ham (page 193):

...none of us can see any sense in accepting that God is truly God without accepting that He (and not us) is the authority. What really is the point of worshiping a God who is the omniscient Creator and then disagreeing with Him on the basis of some human philosophy?

There are many people, including clergy, who simply don't want to accept God's authority as genuine or complete. Many attempt to take God's authority as a partial view and adopt man's authority when it is more convenient or popular to do so. The questions we need to ask ourselves are: Is God omnipotent or not? Is God omniscient or not? Either God is the authority over everything or He's not at all. When it comes to the acceptance of God's authority, the Bible does not leave a middle ground for humans to pick the subjects they want to be master of.

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