Friday, March 5, 2010

Book Quotes: God's Will

From How to Reach Your Full Potential for God by Charles Stanley (pages 72-73):

If you don't know God's will, ask Him to help you concentrate on His Word as you read it. Pray for Him to show you the character He desires to forge in you, the priorities He calls you to have, the kinds of thoughts He wants you to think, and the behaviors that He expects you to avoid. You'll be well on your way to knowing His will!

From page 178: the One who takes what we do and turns it into an accomplishment or a success. You may think that you have engineered your success in the past, or that you are capable of engineering it in the future. That is not the case. You are responsible for making the effort and devoting your time and energy to the task you believe God has set before you. The results are His domain. He is the One who turns your action into souls won, lives changed, needs met, and doors opened for the gospel.

The good news in this is that God will take even the smallest sincere effort on your part, multiply it, and use it for your good and the good of others. You can only plant a seed--you cannot grow it.

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