Friday, February 12, 2010

Book Quotes: Delight in God

From Diving into God's Words: A discovery of Psalm 119 by Alex McFarland (pages 12):

God's Law is not a burden; it is a mercy and a protection for us. God's instructions are not to make us unhappy; on the contrary, when followed, God's laws provide the ultimate joy and conditions for our success. If you find yourself struggling with obedience and asking, "Why does God want me to do that?" remember that He has provided the Law for your well-being. God has reached out to us with commands because He loves us.

From page 13:

God doesn't need us to accomplish His work. In fact, He is all-sufficient. However, He allows us to participate in His ways because it eventually brings His children joy and maturity.

From page 102-103:

In a goal-oriented, success-obsessed culture, it is tempting even for Christians to express our goals in those terms....In other words, even in the Christian world, we measure our worth based on performance rather than our identity in Christ. Keep in mind, however, that what we do for Jesus will eventually pass away. Who we are is what matters to God....

No matter how well intentioned we are when we select our performance goals, it is important to remember that the One who spoke the universe into existence from nothingness doesn't really need anything we can do for Him. God wants us to love Him, to enjoy Him (take our complete satisfaction in Him and nothing else), and to glorify Him.

But the world, our own flesh, and the Devil conspire to get us to forget these simple goals. That's why leaning daily on the Words of God is so important.

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