Friday, January 1, 2010

Book Discussion for Believing God

Believing God cover

If you're reading our Jan/Feb book, Believing God by Beth Moore, this is where you can make comments on the book, ask questions, or answer questions that I post here.

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ChristFocus Book Club said...

This book doesn't have suggested study questions, and the only study questions I can come up with (so far) seem a bit personal for a website discussion. So I'll simply start by asking:

Are you enjoying the book so far? What's something Beth said that really touched you where you're at today?

Chris E. said...

I've finished the book, and it really gave me a lot to think about. I'm at a low point in my life right now--feeling like I'm always messing up no matter how hard I try and wondering where God is in this. I think this message was really what I needed to hear right now.

Anonymous said...

BELIEVING GOD is written for the established Christian who wants to deepen their relationship with God and build a stronger faith. Beth identifies obstacles that hindered her relationship with God, and teaches us tools that have helped her, and others, break down those obstacles and move closer to God.
As she does in other learning guides, she illustrates these strategies with personal stories and the life stories of characters from Scripture. I have done 3 of Beth's interactive group Bible studies, with workbook assignments and video presentations, in past years. I've also attended a Living Proof Live event in Indianapolis. This is the first time I've studied her teachings in the form of a book. For me, her interactive Bible studies with workbook assignments had more impact on me. Of course, one invests a lot more time into a 10-week course than into breezing through a book. To help counteract this tendency to rush through the book and thus miss the full import of an idea, she gives activities to do to make the reader contemplate the points she teaches and to begin to implement them in our lives. I believe this is a helpful teaching strategy. Judith46