Friday, December 18, 2009

Book Quote: Real Fruit

From Content to Be Good, Called to Be Godly by Janet Denison (pages 157-158):

A real apple is created because it was attached to a tree that produces an apple. Artificial fruit can sit in a bowl and look good for years. With a little dusting, this plastic fruit will maintain its fresh and "tasty" appearance. Real fruit doesn't need maintenance for the best appearance--it requires sustenance.

An artificial witness can often look better than a genuine witness. The artificial witness seems flawless and is "stem free." It makes sense because a false witness is manufactured, not grown. A real witness cannot be manufactured; God himself must create him. What strengthens and sustains your witness: you or God?

But the real difference between my two apples is the weight. One apple is much lighter than the other because it is hollow.

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