Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Review: NIV Audio Bible, Dramatized, on CD-ROM

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NIV Audio Bible, Dramatized, on CD-ROM
Narrated by Stephen Johnston

Publisher: World Bible Publishing
First Released: 1995

Source: My personal library. I think I originally bought it from I can't find it there now, but it's this version.

It's the complete New International Version of the Bible read word for word but with various voices for different the parts and with music or sound effects in the background.

As a child, I had a huge set of records--a children's dramatized version of the life of Christ. I spent hours on end listening to those records while I played. As a teenager, I spent less time with them so my mother gave the records away to a friend who had young children.

After college, I wanted to buy and listen to those records again, but I was never able to find them. (Not to mention that I didn't have a record player.) So I bought this dramatized version of the NIV Bible. While I use a print Bible for study purposes, I enjoy listening to chapters--even whole books--of the Bible while I do housework.

The audio follows the NIV version of the Bible word-for-word, but it's done in a away that makes it interesting even for a child. The narrative portions have multiple voice actors playing the various parts as well as sound effects (wave sounds when near the water and so on). The Psalms and other non-narrative parts have non-intrusive music in the background, and the narrators (mainly Stephen Johnston) read it in a way that maintains my focus (i.e. not monotone).

There are a few places where a section has clearly been redone after the main read and doesn't quite match the volume and tone of the rest, but this doesn't bother me. Also, these CD-ROMs came in a case that started to ruin the CD-ROM's surface after several years. I was able to clean them up once I noticed what was happening, but I'd recommend putting them in a different case if you buy this exact set.

If you have a lot of time driving in the car or doing housework, I'd recommend getting a dramatized version of the Bible to listen to. It's a fun way to listen to the Bible and gives a different perspective that I've found lends new insights that I don't get when reading a print Bible.

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

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