Friday, August 28, 2009

Book Quotes: Thinking Differently

From Eyes Wide Open by Jud Wilhite (p. 95):

Or we think, After I get my life together, once I get perfect, then God will use me. Good luck with that!

That's not the way God works. Look through the Bible--God uses imperfect, broken, hurting people everywhere. Being broken and hurting and imperfect is the human condition. It's what being human means in a fallen world. Who else is God going to use?

And from page 130:

If becoming the real you depends so much on your thoughts, how could your life be different if you thought differently?

...What if you saw yourself as forgiven and free, a servant of God on a mission every day?

...What would happen if you opened your eyes to what you can do for God, not what you can't?

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