Sunday, March 29, 2009

Would you like to join?

About the Club
I thought it would be fun to set up an online book club where we'd read Christian non-fiction books together. The books will focus on scripture, God's character, and our relationship with Christ. We'll take two months to read each book, which means you can finish a book even if you only read about five pages each day. During that time, we'll talk on online about the book--what we liked about the book or how it's impacted our walk with Christ. You can also ask what others thought of a certain point made by the book.

Joining the club is free--just start discussing the book in the book discussion post to become an active member. However, unless you win one of our free give-away copies of the book, you do have to buy the book for yourself (from whatever source you prefer).

I'll set up a post on this blog where we can discuss each book using the comments option.

We can also discuss the book on Twitter. You can follow @ChristFocus on Twitter and discuss the books using the Twitter hashtag #cfbc. (If you are new to twitter, you may find The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter or The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter helpful.)

To follow the Twitter book club conversation, go to #cfbc or install a program like Twirl, activate a search for #cfbc, and get realtime updates on messages tagged with #cfbc.

E-mail me if you need any help with this.

The Books
I'll keep a list of upcoming books on this blog. We'll start a new book on the first of the month in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

You don't have to buy and read any book that doesn't look interesting to you, though, of course, I'll think you're missing out on a great book. ;) You'll have two months to read each book before we start a new one. However, discussions on previous club books can continue even once we've officially started a new book.

You can buy the books wherever you wish. However, I have set up a ChristFocus Book Club discount deal with Books-A-Million for buying the chosen books. If you click through the below ad (or the one in the sidebar of the blog) to Books-A-Million and buy books from them, you will get a ChristFocus Book Club discount. How? Enter the number 0013765289 into the discount club card area at checkout and get 10% off your entire purchase. This discount number will not work unless you have first clicked though a BAM ad on this site.

If we get enough orders through this link, BAM will provide ChristFocus with free Christian nonfiction books to give away. So if you're buying online, use this link and discount number--everyone benefits!

BAM ad

The Contest
I'll also I'll ask the publisher to provide ChristFocus Book Club with several free copies of the chosen book. I'll hold a contest for club members to win these free books.

Publishers are willing to give away free contest copies because they're hoping the winners will read the book, love it, and tell other people about it (who might then buy the book). I want to be a good steward, so I am adding a rule.

If you've won a free book through ChristFocus Book Club in the past, I'd like to know you're actively reading it. I'd ask that you don't enter a contest for the next book if you aren't finished (or nearly finished) with the current book. To help me know you are reading the book, I'd ask that you comment about the book you won in the correct book discussion on this blog or using #cfbc on Twitter.

If you've never won a book through ChristFocus Book Club, you can enter any contest that interests you.

The contest will begin a month before the book is slated to be read. Winners will be chosen two weeks later.

The Discussion
Once you have a copy of the book, start reading it. As you read, discuss it by making comments on the correct book discussion post on this blog or on Twitter using the hashtag #cfbc.

Sometime near the end of the second month, I'll try to set up an interview with the author (if still living) where we can ask the author questions about the book. Post any questions you'd like to ask the author under the correct book discussion post on this blog. I'll be sure to pass the questions on when I do the interview. The interview will then be posted on this blog.

Thank you for your interest in ChristFocus Book Club! Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

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